Cancer of all types is a very tormenting form of illness, which can leave a long-lasting impact on the patient’s physical and mental state. 11,60,000 new cases of cancer were reported in India in 2018 with 7,84,800 deaths.

Having Cancer Insurance can prove to be a giant relief for people, as it can save them from the sky-rocketing expenses that medicine and treatment can bring along. Battling cancer is no easy feat, and Cancer Insurance can be a great assistance to families and individuals with a multitude of benefits.

Importance & Benefits of Cancer Insurance

Importance of Cancer Insurance

Provides security to people with Cancer in family history

The rise in the number of cancer cases has been exponential over the past decade. If you have a family history of any cases of cancer, it can significantly increase the chance of you getting cancer later in life. Hence, people who have a family history of cancer must register for Cancer Insurance plans like HDFC Life Insurance Plan to ensure that they aren’t a victim of huge financial stress in the future.

This will not only provide you with financial security during the time of plight, but it will also help you in availing the most effective and efficient cancer care.

Being financially sound in case Cancer happens

The cost of the treatment of cancer has been growing at a break-neck pace in India. This is primarily due to the massive growth in the number of cancer cases being detected in the country. There are many determining factors for the cost of treatment of cancer, such as its stage, how early it was diagnosed, duration of the treatment, the hospital, and many more.

This can be overwhelming for anyone. However, with Cancer Insurance Policies, you can avail premium waiver benefits if the cancer is detected in its earlier stage. Moreover, a Cancer Insurance Policy can also provide you with a monthly income in case of major cancer diagnosis, which can keep your life financially safe.

Can act as a supplementary to your Health Insurance Policy

Specifically opting for a Cancer Insurance Plan might be too much for people who cannot afford to pay multiple premiums if they already have a Health Insurance Plan. However, Cancer Insurance can be covered under that. With HDFC, you can choose HDFC Life Cancer Plans as a supplementary addition to your Health Insurance Plans with minimal cost of merely ₹4 per day that can be paid periodically. This can prove to be more advantageous for people who are worried about other health conditions, but also want coverage for cancer treatment.


With the imminent rise in the number of cases, cancer has become a looming threat for many people. Having a Cancer Insurance Plan can significantly reduce the stress of going through cancer treatment not only because of the financial merits it provides, but also the mental support of having enough resources to get through this illness and come out a victor.